Our story started on an unusual way in 2018. It did not start with business plans, target markets nor big dreams about the future.

It rather started the day my mom came home after three months in the hospital, being treated for cancer.

While looking after her, I realized that she needed something to keep herself and her mind busy until she could get back on her feet. Something to give her a reason to wake up in the morning. Something that forced her to have human interaction. Something to give her life meaning.

That was when I stumbled across someone searching for good quality and affordable silicone rings.

I decided to order a few rings to get the ball rolling. We started selling from home. People will come to fit and check out our rings. Before we knew it, customers became friends, and friends became family!

We moved to a physical shop in Elardus Park, Pretoria, at the beginning of 2019, where we are still currently operating from. Our loyal clients grew nationally, and we decided to launch our online store in 2021.

Our business started to give hope and meaning to us as a family during uncertain times in life. It grew to became a full family business challenging us every day to become better versions of ourselves and to appreciate life!

Our Silicone Rings are more than just a ring. It is your practical companion through the adventures of life, showing your loyalty and appreciation, to the one you love. And encouraging you to be your best self without any hesitation!

It’s for everyone, it’s for you!

Welcome to our family!